Havana Conference Eau de Parfum

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You just finished that spectacular cigar and you're in need of a little fresh-me-up. Not a problem, spray on a scent that characterizes the Havana Conference back in 1946. Off the nose you’ll get hints of bourbon and light tobacco, finishing with subtle tones of fresh sea air. A perfect complement to the post cigar session.  

Notes of: Patchouli, vanilla, rum, jasmine, cedarwood, tobacco
Size: 9ml Bottle 


The Havana Conference of 1946 was a historic meeting of United States Mafia and Cosa Nostra leaders in Havana, Cuba. Supposedly arranged by Charles "Lucky" Luciano, the conference was held to discuss important mob policies, rules, and business interests. The Havana Conference was attended by delegations representing crime families throughout the United States. The conference was held during the week of December 22, 1946 at the Hotel Nacional. The Havana Conference is considered to have been the most important mob summit since the Atlantic City Conference of 1929. Decisions made in Havana resonated throughout US crime families during the ensuing decades.