Cigar Aficionado Travel Case

Mary John Aficionado Travel Case

The Cigar Lover's Cigar Case

Forbes Lifestyle - The Cigar Lover's Cigar Case

Forbes Lifestyle - The Cigar Lover's Cigar Case

The final product, the Aficionado, seems to handle every need for the average cigar smoker. Dedicated pockets hold a multitude of cigar and other accessories, from lighters, cutters, and matches to spaces for the likes of your passport, and some limited humidification options, such as a small Boveda pack. Most importantly, aluminum-reinforced slots for up to six cigars, each of which can be up to 7 1/2 inches, and up to 60 ring—far larger than traditional breast pocket cases are built for.


Thanks to some good old-fashioned diplomacy, Cuban cigars are going to be widely available on U.S. soil very, very soon. You’re going to want some...

Cigar Aficionado Review: Peter James Leather Aficionado Case By David Clough

For the connoisseur on the go, carrying your favorite smokes and cigar accessories around can be a hassle. Your pockets fill up with loose cigars,...


It's a common conundrum, you're heading to your favorite smoke spot and your pockets are packed with wallet, keys, lighter, cutter, cigar case. I'...


As a civilized gentleman one must carry a Peter James Leather cigar tote. I first saw it in Cigar Aficionado some time ago. I went on-line and viewed the many different colors/styles available. You will not be disappointed with your purchase. Once I opened the box the cigar case was wrapped in a velvety cloth bag. Very impressive presentation. Construction of the cigar case is impeccable. Very high manufacturing/fabrication oversight was utilized during this process. Having just enough pockets (7 total) for one's personal needs. This cigar case is a very nice and elegant addition to your everyday wardrobe whether in a pair of jeans and T shirt or three piece suit for a board meeting.
I can not say enough about the quality and craftsmanship that most have gone into the case. I was expecting something very nice for the money and what I got was a exceptional cigar case that truly not only keeps everything together but protect my cugars from getting banged around. Quality is amazing design is amazing and honestly the price is nothing compared to what you get. I have never had a cigar accessory to get more compliments.

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We wanted the name "Peter James" to be synonymous with excellence. More than synonymous—we want them to be one and the same. In fact, when you think "Quality, Reliability, Versatility, or Style", we want you to think "Peter James."

An infusion of local, North American craftsmanship and luxurious Italian heritage,  provide stylish organization.