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The Peter James Co. Story

The Peter James brand has been created by cigar aficionados
for cigar aficionados. It began with a journey to find a cigar organizer that
was both functional protection and as attractive as a high-quality accessory.
Infused with a shared passion for all things adventure and inspired by a love
of timeless craftsmanship and local artistry, Peter James is committed to
crafting the hand-made, luxury leather cigar cases we felt the industry has
been missing all along. 

Today, Peter James has expanded beyond cigar organizers,
collaborating with artisans and creators to bring that same passion for authenticity,
artistry, and durability to an expanded catalog of new items on the horizon.
Every day, we are finding new ways to enhance our customer’s experiences by
sharing our influences and inspiration in each piece.

Our #1 core value is quality above all! Craftsmanship and
quality first, no matter what. As part of that mission, Peter James places an
emphasis on having our pieces made by skilled experts. We love beauty in every
form, and the same can be said about the products we create. Whether it is a cigar
case, a wallet, furniture, or any of our lifestyle items. Each bag, wallet, and
organizer is carefully handcrafted locally within the Greater Toronto area, and
our customers come from all walks of life to enjoy quality, hand-made products
that help make their experiences more meaningful. We are grateful you are here
to be part of that mission, and we hope that we can make the Peter James story
part of your next adventure.

Lifestyle Items

Mary John Aficionado Travel Case

The Cigar Lover's Cigar Case

Forbes Lifestyle - The Cigar Lover's Cigar Case

Forbes Lifestyle - The Cigar Lover's Cigar Case

The final product, the Aficionado, seems to handle every need for the average cigar smoker. Dedicated pockets hold a multitude of cigar and other accessories, from lighters, cutters, and matches to spaces for the likes of your passport, and some limited humidification options, such as a small Boveda pack. Most importantly, aluminum-reinforced slots for up to six cigars, each of which can be up to 7 1/2 inches, and up to 60 ring—far larger than traditional breast pocket cases are built for.


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